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Some Plumbing Clogs need more Power. They need Hydro Jetting!

by Nevie Sessoms, Owner One Stop Plumbing

Hydro Jetting brings the power!

Have you ever had a clog that just won’t budge? Your toilet might refuse to flush, or your shower keeps clogging leaving you ankle deep in water. First, you try traditional plunging. You might even try a chemical solution. Although, we hope you don’t do that! When that clog will just not clear, you call a plumber.

As a plumber, the first thing that we do is snake the pipe and into the sewer line to clear the clog. If it just won’t budge, Hydro Jetting is the solution! It’s also known as Water Jetting. Some stubborn clogs need more power – they need Hydro Jetting to get your water flowing.

What is Hydro Jetting and how does it work?

Hydro Jetting, also known as sewer jetting or water jetting, is a plumbing technique for cleaning out clogged sewer lines or drains. In this process, we use a special machine to push high-pressure water jets through your pipes to clear out any clogs. At strengths of up to 3,500 PSI, hydro jetting can help get rid of even the most stubborn blockages. It not only gets rid of your current clog, but it can also help prevent future clogs. Over time, waste can build up on your sewer pipe, especially around the joints. When that happens, snaking the pipe can do only so much to clear the clog. So when do you know when it’s time to bring in more power?

Hydro Jetting water shooting up from the ground

Want to see it in action? Take a look at this Hydro Jetting video!

Hydro Jetting Machine on the back of One Stop Plumbing's truck

When is it needed?

Have you noticed routine clogs in your sink, shower, or toilet that keep coming back, no matter how many times it’s cleared? In cases like these, Hydro Jetting can clear the buildup and is a good and less expensive alternative to replacing your pipes. Over time, drains tend to get clogged — especially when invasive objects end up lodged in them. For example, items like hair, food waste, and mineral buildup can create a nasty clog in your sink. And if your toilet won’t flush, baby wipes, cotton swabs, and feminine products might be the culprit. You now have a more serious clog on your hands. That’s when water jetting can come in handy.

As a reminder, “flushable wipes” are not flushable! They are one of the top reasons for clogged sewer lines.

Many household objects can cause clogs, as mentioned above. But not all clogs result from flushing the wrong things down the drain. Sometimes, objects like tree roots, mud, and grease buildup can cause serious clogs. Old sewer pipes are especially vulnerable to sediment buildup over the years. For these types of blockages, Hydro Jetting can be your best path toward an unclogged drain.

Hydro Jetting for Maintenance

As mentioned, plumbing pipes will get clogged over time. No matter how careful, sediment and minerals will line your pipes, slowing down the flow of liquids. This is why Hydro Jetting is also recommended for pipe maintenance. By using this water jetting process, you can have your pipes regularly cleaned out, helping to avoid both current and future problems.

Water Jetting Machine in action in the back of a yellow house

The Hydro Jetter in action! The Warthog® vs Chicken

Will Hydro Jetting damage my pipes?

As long as you hire a professional, you don’t need to worry about damage to your pipes. A Master Plumber licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation (DPOR), like us, will know exactly how to clear your pipes with a pressure unit. They should also inspect your pipes first to make sure that water jetting is your best option. Most plumbers do not have a Hydro Jetter, but we do!

What are the benefits?

Well, we’ve already given you lots of benefits, but most importantly, it gets things flowing again! Hydro Jetting is cost-effective and long-lasting. That means you won’t have to worry about sediment buildup or the cost of replacing your pipes for a while. After all, Hydro Jetting doesn’t only fix clogs. It also clears out any bacteria, residue, and debris that has been accumulating in your pipes. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly tool. That’s because it uses water, not chemicals, to clear out clogs.


Click here for more information about One Stop Plumbing’s Hydro Jetting services.

One Stop Plumbing’s Hydro Jetting Service

We hope you have found our tips helpful. At One Stop Plumbing, we offer comprehensive water jetting services to save you the headache of dealing with a clogged drain. If you do need our services, give us a call! We’re a locally owned and operated plumbing company serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News. Drip. Drip. Drop. Call One Stop! (757) 321-8874

If you need a plumber to perform water jetting services, give One Stop Plumbing a call today at (757) 321-8874!

Nevie Sessons is the owner of One Stop Plumbing. As a locally owned and operated company, Nevie built the company from the ground up starting in 2005. He is a Master Plumber licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation (DPOR), and he is a Master Gas Fitter.

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