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One Stop Plumbing provides complete plumbing services, and our owner, Nevie Sessoms, is a Master Gas Fitter and a Qualified Gas Contractor. That means, we can service, repair and replace your gas appliances.

Gas Appliances

A gas fitter license is mandatory for all plumbing work related to gas. At One Stop Plumbing, we are professionally trained to safely handle natural gas. But what is natural gas? It is a fossil energy source that contains methane, and we use it as fuel to cook, heat our homes and heat our water. The gas company sends the natural gas to consumers via pipelines.

One Stop Plumbing

We have the skills and expertise to deal with a wide range of gas appliances and systems, including:

  • Traditional tank water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Fire logs Furnaces
  • Gas ranges/cooktops Ovens
  • Home standby generators
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Outdoor gas grills Pool heaters

Perhaps you’re a homeowner trying to repair a dysfunctional gas oven, or maybe you’re a business owner looking to install a commercial-grade gas stove. Either way, we can get the job done.

Call One Stop! Speak to our Master Gas Fitter (757) 321-8874

Benefits and Difficulties of Natural Gas

Gas appliances can be extremely useful and efficient. Many people like how gas dryers take less time to dry and how gas heat feels warmer coming through the vents. People who love to cook prefer gas because it is easier to control the temperature.

Gas appliances, however, can also be dangerous if they’re not properly installed and maintained, so if you find any potential leak, we advise you to shut off your gas and call the gas company. (Link to Virginia Natural Gas). If the leak is part of the gas line coming into the house, the gas company can fix or replace the line. If the gas appliance is leaking gas, One Stop Plumbing can clean, repair or replace the gas appliance.

There are a variety of problems you might encounter with gas appliances.

My gas stove’s surface burner won’t light:

This could be a sign that the stove’s pilot light has gone out. It could also mean that food or other debris is clogging the burner portholes. In either case, give One Stop Plumbing a call. We can clear out any clogs in your gas appliances.

My gas oven has stopped working:

If your gas oven isn’t heating up properly, you might be having issues with your bake ignitor or gas safety valve. If you’re concerned about checking either of these by yourself, let One Stop Plumbing know. We have the training and the tools to safely perform any necessary inspections and repairs.

I smell gas when I turn my gas stove on:

If you smell gas but the stove isn’t lighting, you need to ventilate your home right away. We advise you to shut off your gas and call the gas company. Sometimes they may tell you that your pilot light is out, and you should light it. If you follow their advice and the odor persists even after relighting the stove’s pilot light, you may have a gas leak or a faulty burner. One Stop Plumbing can clean or replace the burner.

These are just a few of the challenges you might face with a gas appliance. Not to worry, though, because we can handle all of these and more! Our qualified gas contractors can perform repairs and routine maintenance work. We are also qualified to orchestrate safety checks, detect gas leaks and replace gas appliances when necessary. On the flip side, if you don’t have any gas appliances, we can talk to you to determine what you need. Not only do we regularly install new appliances, but also we can install outdoor natural gas line connections. You can finally have that awesome gas grill or fire pit!

Call One Stop! Speak to our Master Gas Fitter (757) 321-8874

State Water Heaters - Modulating Ultra-Force Gas Water Heater

Give One Stop Plumbing a call!

We are a one-call plumbing service, and our mission is simple. We want to solve your plumbing problems so you can focus on living your life. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, from water jetting to gas fitting. To make sure we’re offering the best services to our community, One Stop Plumbing is proud to be a Qualified Gas Contractor. That’s right — Nevie Sessoms has a gas fitter license, and we’re certified to do everything from gas line repairs to gas equipment installations.

Because we are so invested in our community, we won’t just install appliances and then leave you hanging. When you pay for our services, you can count on us to help you maintain your gas appliances. We will also perform any necessary repairs that may come up. Here at One Stop Plumbing, we firmly believe that a plumbing crisis shouldn’t derail your entire day. That’s why we offer so many critical services at affordable rates! So just give us a call today and we’ll be on your way to your door before you know it.

One Stop Plumbing

We are a locally owned and operated plumbing company, providing repair, maintenance and replacement services. For over 14 years, One Stop Plumbing has provided plumbing services to homeowners, renters, property management companies, home owner associations and businesses. Our plumbing services include water heaters, drain cleaning, faucets, toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, sewer line repair and replacement, water jetting, remodeling, and more.

We solve your plumbing problems and simplify your life.

One Stop Plumbing is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we make safety a top priority. Our skilled technicians are professional, and polite. We offer FREE estimates along with very competitive rates and a discount program. We service the Hampton Roads Virginia cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News.

Drip, Drip, Drop … Call One Stop! (757) 321-8874

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