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The Top 6 things that will Clog your Toilet

by Nevie Sessoms, Owner One Stop Plumbing

No one really wants to talk about toilets, but we all use them — and they can get clogged. A clogged toilet can be embarrassing, messy, and unpleasant. Luckily, there are easy ways to avoid toilet clogs; you just have to know what causes them in the first place. Here are the top 6 things that will clog your toilet.

1. “Flushable Wipes”

NEVER flush wipes down the toilet. Sorry for the “shouty” capital letters, but this is first on our list for a reason. No matter what they say, they will clog your toilet. If you see any makeup removal, hygiene or baby wipes advertised as “flushable,” please throw them in the trash can after use. The only things you should actually flush down the drain are toilet paper and human waste. We see toilets clogged all the time because of “Flushable” wipes

A toilet with 2 rolls of toilet paper and a red rag hangin out to look like a face

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

You should never flush pads, tampons, or other feminine hygiene products down the toilet. Instead, dispose of these products in the garbage or sanitary waste receptacles. Unlike toilet paper, these products are too large and are not made to dissolve in water. They will clog your pipes.

3. Too Much Toilet Paper

This may seem confusing. After all, we’ve told you many times that you should only ever flush toilet paper, right? Unfortunately, there is also such a thing as too much toilet paper. Flushing too much toilet paper can cause a clog in the trap. The trap is the curved part of the pipe that stops sewer gas from wafting into your home. Plumbers often find small items or toilet paper caught in toilet traps, so try not to flush too much toilet paper at once.

4. Not Enough Water In The Tank

If there isn’t enough water in the tank, you may observe weaker flushes and eventual clogs. As you might have noticed, functional toilets release a large amount of water per flush. This creates enough pressure to flush everything down the drain. But if your toilet is leaking or the tank isn’t filling up, it won’t flush properly and can cause clogs. Low flow toilets tend to also have this problem because, as they are named, low flow means less water.

5. Using Something Other Than Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, but paper towels, tissues, and wipes are not. If you use anything other than toilet paper to tidy up, do not flush it down the toilet. Avoiding non-flushable paper products will save you the trouble of dealing with a clog.

Small child playing on the floor with colorful blocks

6. Toys And Other Objects

From our list, you now know exactly what to avoid flushing, but your kids might not. Younger kids, in particular, are full of curiosity. They might want to flush their toys or other objects down the toilet to see what happens. It’s important to teach your kids what is and isn’t flushable, so you can avoid some very messy clogs down the line. We’ve seen everything from toys, to car keys, to stuffed animals and even packages of food clogging up toilets!


We hope you have found our tips helpful. At One Stop Plumbing, we want to help you avoid plumbing problems. If you do need our services, just give us a call! Drip. Drip. Drop. Call One Stop! (757) 321-8874 

Nevie Sessons is the owner of One Stop Plumbing. As a locally owned and operated company, Nevie built the company from the ground up starting in 2005. He is a Master Plumber licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation (DPOR), and he is a Master Gas Fitter.

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